Painters and Posers

Saturday March 2, 2013 10.00-3.30 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn TR18 5AP

David Tredinnick coined the term ‘posers’ for the models of the Newlyn artists, past and present.
The exhibition explores the conflicting claims about the identity of some of the ‘posers’. Stories about ‘posers’ who made the headlines, such as Eileen O’Henry (who posed for TC Gotch and Laura Knight) and was shot and killed by her jealous lover John Currie in 1914, or Swedish-born artist Rolf Jonsson (married to ‘poser’ Annie Payne) who was jailed for spying from The Chalet in the Ropewalk at Newlyn in 1915. Continue reading “Painters and Posers”