John Passmore Edwards commissioned the building of an art gallery at Newlyn in 1895 on land that was given by Charles D N Le Grice. The drawing to the left (archive reference 903) shows the original intention of the architect James Hicks of Redruth, although his plans were modified before the building was completed.

The Gallery part of the archive catalogue contains material about the art galleries associated with Newlyn, most importantly the Passmore Edwards Art Gallery (Newlyn Orion Art Gallery, now Newlyn Art Gallery), but also other galleries like Badcock’s Gallery (now Bucca) or the Helen Feiler Gallery. There is information about the activities held in these galleries and groups (such as the Newlyn Society of Artists) that were associated with them. A great deal of the material related to this topic came from the West Cornwall Art Archive bequest and consists of articles, cards , cuttings, exhibition details, guidebooks, invitations, leaflets, letters, lists, photos, posters, programmes and reports.


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