Open Day, October 13 2018: Families that were the Backbone of the Town.


The Basket Maker, June Hicks



It has been very difficult to select material to feature in this Newlyn Archive Open Day Exhibition because so many families have been the backbone of our towns, Newlyn and Lamorna. We have selected material from large collections that have been given to the archive about particular families. Thanks go to the donors of this material.
Alongside the exhibition there will be our collection of family files for you to look at and our family expert Diane Donohue to consult. You can also see the remarkable film sequences that Brian Newton has put together for this occasion about family life and community. Roger Nowel will feature along with the Le Grice family, a wedding in the Cornish language, and much more. You can also listen to some of the tapes we have in the archive made by people featured in the Exhibition. All this is possible because of the new equipment that the archive has been able to purchase through the generosity of the Cooperative Society who have raised a remarkable £2000+ for us.



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Sylvia Ruth Simpson MBE


Ruth Simpson welcoming Elizabeth Bolitho to the Open Day ‘Fishing at Newlyn’, 11th February 2010

We are very sad to announce the death of Ruth Simpson, MBE, who was largely responsible for the formation of the Newlyn Archive. Having served as Penzance Mayor for the year 2002-2003, Ruth was asked to serve as chairman of the Newlyn Environment Group, part of the Newlyn Fishing Industry Forum. It was from this group that the Newlyn Archive grew. As chairman of the Environment Group Ruth led the project to map the port which led to the publication of a popular booklet, ‘Newlyn’s Water’, edited by Pamela Lomax and published in 2007. At the end of the project there was some original documentation about water features in Newlyn and a pot of unspent money. The decision was taken to establish a Newlyn Archive, and the money was spent on a laptop, software and other items. Pam Lomax was elected honorary archivist and a committee was elected.

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Newlyn Fish Festival 2018

It was fitting that one-time Ordnance Survey man Ray Lloyd represented the Newlyn Fish Festival in 2018, the year the festival was cancelled due to major renovation work in the harbour. Ray decided he would represent the Fish Festival so that its record should remain unbroken since it started, and the Harbour master sympathised and gave Ray the spot to erect his stall.






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