The photo shows the landlords Mr and Mrs Plumbridge with friends outside the Fisherman’s Arms, Newlyn Town, in 1935 (archive reference 733). The Fisherman’s Arms is in South Fore Street which runs ‘outlong’ from the end of the Narrows along the top of the cliff as far as the Green. The Fisherman’s Arms once was the most important building in this stretch of road as it was a centre for Newlyn’s seine fishery, and auctions at which seines were bought and sold were held there.

The section in the catalogue about Place lists historic and recent material from the archive about the old villages of Newlyn Town, Street-an-Nowan (including Fradgan) and Tolcarne (including the Coombe), as well as material about the uplong areas of Chywoone Hill, Bellevue and Gwavas, and the outlying villages. There are maps, deeds, documents, films and photos, as well as stories about houses and material related to the infamous Newlyn clearances.


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