• New Edition of Newlyn at War

    The Archive has re-published with some corrections and minor alterations its very successful first publication, Newlyn at War. The price has risen since the first edition, but it is still only £8 and would make a wonderful Christmas present in this year devoted to remembering the horrors of war.   Left: A new picture in […]Read More »
  • Archive benefits from Co-op funding

    On Saturday 24 November 2018 the Community Fund Team from our local Co-op invited members of the Archive to join them to celebrate receiving the final payment raised for the Archive. This amount is the Archive’s share of the fund sponsored by the Co-op. The money is raised by the Co-op giving 1% of the […]Read More »
  • Cape Cornwall School Visit on Wednesday 21st November 2018

    On Wednesday 21st November 2018, the Newlyn Archive hosted a group of students from Cape Cornwall School along with their teachers and the author JR Carpenter. They came as part of the Dark Sky Bright Stars project organized by Joanna Mays to learn about researching topics, such as navigation, and to experience the workings of […]Read More »
  • New Premises for the Cornwall Record Office

            On October 15, 2018 Richard Cockram, Ron Hogg and Brian Newton visited the new location to which the Cornwall Record Office will be transferring in 2019. The photo on the left shows the team with the building in the background    Read More »
  • Open Day Report: ‘Families that were the Backbone of Newlyn’, 13 October 2018

        Ex-committee member Denny Harvey looks at the display case containing Wallis family medals and memorabilia   On the weekend that brought us Storm Callum, the Archive held its final Open Day of 2018, representing 15 families with varying histories and occupations. There were 91 visitors, many with connections to the families displayed including […]Read More »
  • The Tidal Observatory Book Makes its Mark

                      This painting by Stanhope Forbes, The Lighthouse, was painted in 1893. It shows the old lighthouse which was replaced and demolished during World War I. It was before the Tidal Observatory was built.    Read More »
  • Open Day, October 13 2018: Families that were the Backbone of the Town.

      The Basket Maker, June Hicks     It has been very difficult to select material to feature in this Newlyn Archive Open Day Exhibition because so many families have been the backbone of our towns, Newlyn and Lamorna. We have selected material from large collections that have been given to the archive about particular […]Read More »
  • Sylvia Ruth Simpson MBE

      Ruth Simpson welcoming Elizabeth Bolitho to the Open Day ‘Fishing at Newlyn’, 11th February 2010 We are very sad to announce the death of Ruth Simpson, MBE, who was largely responsible for the formation of the Newlyn Archive. Having served as Penzance Mayor for the year 2002-2003, Ruth was asked to serve as chairman […]Read More »
  • Newlyn Fish Festival 2018

    It was fitting that one-time Ordnance Survey man Ray Lloyd represented the Newlyn Fish Festival in 2018, the year the festival was cancelled due to major renovation work in the harbour. Ray decided he would represent the Fish Festival so that its record should remain unbroken since it started, and the Harbour master sympathised and […]Read More »
  • The Newlyn Tidal Observatory

      The Newlyn Tidal Observatory Compiled by Richard Cockram, Linda Holmes, Ron Hogg and Frank Iddiols Edited by P Lomax Published by Newlyn Archive 2018 ISBN 978-0-9567528-4-0 40 pages 47 illustrations Price £8    Read More »
  • Thank you Wherrytown Co-op

    On Friday 22 June 2018 the Wherrytown Co-op hosted a fund raising event selling cakes and running a tombola to raise awareness of the three local charities they are supporting of which the Archive is one.Read More »
  • Open Day 16 June 2018

    There were 138 visitors to this open day, ‘Getting There and Getting Back’, and it was very enthusiastically received. Many conversations could be heard of people remembering times gone by and how things were ‘back then’. A number of people brought interesting material and information for the archive to add to its collection. As well […]Read More »
  • Open Day, Saturday 16 June 2018 10 am to 3 pm: Getting There and Back, transporting goods and people.

      This Open Day looks at the role of transport in enabling business to progress. How did the fish that was landed get to people’s tables? ‘From Luggers to Jousters’ shows the fish being transported from the Luggers to the beach by Bummers (Bumboats), where the jousters, fishwives and dealers would be waiting: the fishwives […]Read More »
  • The Mystery and the Badcock Family – An afternoon event at the Boathouse on Sunday 20th May 2018

    The photograph shows the Badcock family in front of a model of the Mystery in the Boathouse, the home of the Archive. Linda Holmes, third from left, and David Badcock, second from left, and his family are descended from William Badcock who sailed on the Mystery to Australia in 1854.Read More »
  • Open Day: Resue at Sea. March 24 2018 10am – 3pm

    This was a popular well attended Open Day celebrating the bravery of the RNLI volunteers from the late 19th century through to the present day. Visitors from Mousehole also presented their own boards and an excellent exhibition. There was in addition a separate display concerning the Ocean Pride restoration project.Read More »
  • Archive Open Day, March 24, 2018

              The lifeboat Elizabeth and Blanche 2 returns to Newlyn Harbour after the rescue of the full crew of 13 men from the Norwegian barque Saluto, which was blown ashore near Porthleven on December 13, 1911. This is one of many stories told at the next Newlyn Archive Open Day on […]Read More »
  • A sad farewell to David Barron’s Shop

      The dark green wooden shop located in the centre of Newlyn close to the War Memorial is no longer in existence. On Monday 5 February 2018 the demolition men arrived and by late afternoon on 7 February 2018 David Barron’s shop had disappeared. Generations of Newlyners bought their sweets, cigarettes, magazines, papers and much […]Read More »
  • New at the Archive: Fishfinders

    During the Second World War the Navy developed a new technology to find enemy submarines underwater. This was called ‘ASDIC’, and was based on the understanding that sound signals could be transmitted into the water and any echo would be heard if the sound wave hit a solid enough target. The echo could be detected […]Read More »
  • Happy New Year 2018

    The collage above celebrates the final opening of the Boathouse in 2017, when Friends of the Archive provided light refreshments for visitors and there was some mulled wine on hand. We were closed for a Christmas break from 22nd December until 2nd January but are now in full swing again.Read More »
  • November 2017

    Above: David Tredinnick, Chairman of the Newlyn Archive with film-maker Shauna Osborne-Dowle at the launch of the film ‘Boathouse Diary’ at the recent Open Day.Read More »
  • Open Day Newlyn in Uniform

    The last Newlyn Archive Open Day this Year is ‘Newlyn in Uniform’. It will be held at Trinity Centre, Newlyn on Saturday October 21, 2017 from 10-3.00.Read More »
  • Report on the Open Day

    Christopher Laughton took this wonderful photo of the Archive Open day at Trinity on Saturday 6th September. 114 visitors visited the exhibition which was about ‘The people who made the harbour’.Read More »
  • Open Day September 2 2017 at Trinity

  • At the Boathouse, August 2017

    Above: A morning at the archive. Visitors with Maurice Bishop, Dave Barron and Sean Perrott. So much has happened since the last posting in June. The Boathouse is now open to the public Tuesday-Friday (four mornings) from 9.30-12 o’clock, thanks to our generous landlords the Newlyn Harbour Commissioners.Read More »
  • Open Day Review June 2017

    On a very warm Saturday, June 16 2017, the archive held its most recent Open Day ‘100 Years Ago’ at Trinity Centre, Newlyn. Much of the Exhibition centred on that year 1917 and the archive had on show material from all three of its archives on Newlyn, Lamorna and West Cornwall Art. The Mousehole Archive was […]Read More »
  • Reviews April 2017

    The photo shows the 34ft long Ripple SS 19 leading Rippling Wave SS 628 out of St Ives prior to World War I when fishing under sail. Ripple was built at St Ives and registered as SS 19 in 1896. During World War I, this 34ft sailing pilchard driver helped to feed the nation when […]Read More »
  • Boathouse Launch March 2017

    On Friday March 24 2017, the Newlyn Archive celebrated the launch of its project ‘Delivering the Admiralty Boathouse for Heritage’ at its future home, The Admiralty Boathouse, 23 The Strand, Newlyn TR18 5HL. The project aims to make the old Coastguard’s Boathouse and more recent Newlyn Post Office the centre of Heritage in Newlyn by […]Read More »
  • Open Day ‘A Hundred Years Ago’

    The Open Day focusses on events that happened ‘A Hundred Years Ago’ in 1917 and in the years of the Great War. The pen sketch above was done by Swedish artist Rolf Jonssen (1888-1965) while in Pendennis jail on a charge of spying for the enemy during WW1. Rolf was married to Annie Payne (1894-1965) […]Read More »
  • Open Day April 1 2017

    The next Open Day ‘On the Other Side’ is on Saturday April 1 2017 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn from 10.00-3.00. The topic ‘On the Other Side’ conjures a multitude of views of Old Newlyn. Certainly, the marching policemen in the photo above, were on the other side when the fishermen of Newlyn, Mousehole, […]Read More »
  • February 2017

    We would like to share the first letter addressed to the archive at its new home in the Admiralty Boathouse, which appropriately was a Friend’s donation towards work on the Boathouse. Our approach to the refurbishment of the Boathouse is to restore it to its original condition using existing coving and making skirting to match. […]Read More »
  • Delivering the Admiralty Boathouse for Heritage 8/1/2017

    Most regular readers of this webpage will know that we are moving the Archive to the building vacated by Newlyn Post Office, which the Newlyn Harbour Commissioners have generously made available to us. The building was originally built as a coastguard boathouse for the Admiralty on land leased from Newlyn Harbour in 1900. In 1925 […]Read More »
  • Newlyn Archive November 2016

    It was the focus of the last Newlyn Archive Open Day of 2016, the topic puzzled some and enthralled others, ‘They Came, they Stayed and they Left’. 130 visitors came to the exhibition at Trinity Centre and stayed to look at exhibits about some of the people who have visited Newlyn but not stayed, like […]Read More »
  • At the Newlyn Fish Festival, 2016

    The Newlyn Archive was present at the Newlyn Fish Festival this year in the Admiralty Boathouse (the old post office) with thanks to Rob Parsons the harbourmaster. We could only use the front part of the ground floor but showed some of the display that was part of the Open Day at Trinity Centre in […]Read More »
  • A Busy Period July-August 2016

    Above: Visitors at the Newlyn Archive Open Day To-ing and Fro-ing The third Open Day of the year, ‘To-ing and Fro-ing’, on July 16 2016, proved to be a great success, in spite of it being hot and sunny outside (perfect beach weather), and also with it being Lafrowda day at St Just. 141 people […]Read More »
  • Open Day 30/9/2016-1/10/2016

    The photo above shows the erection of a second shed at the Seaplane Base at Sandy Cove in 1917 by the local builder George Curnow. The next two-day Open Day ‘They came, They Stayed and They Left’ is on Friday September 30 2016 from 2-7, and Saturday October 1 2016 from 10-3.00. It contains material […]Read More »
  • To-ing and Fro-ing

    The photo of WJ Olds, Butcher in his horse-drawn cart outside the Kings Arms, Paul is just one of the many examples of T0-ING and FRO-ING in the exhibition at the next Newlyn Archive Open Day ‘To-ing and Fro-ing: getting there and getting back’ at Trinity Centre on Saturday July 16 2016, 10-3.00. The Exhibition […]Read More »
  • News for May 2016

    We had another very successful open day last month. The Building of Newlyn Harbour was held at Trinity Centre on April 4 2016 and was attended by 172 people. We were very pleased to see Frank and Jan Ruhrmund in the crowd and managed to take a good photograph (at the top). As well as […]Read More »
  • The Building of Newlyn Harbour

    Inspiration to develop Newlyn Harbour came from a number of people whose interests ranged between concern for the well-being of fishermen to commercial interest concerned with the landing and sale of fish. The vicars at St Peter’s Church, best represented by the Rev Wladislaw Lach-Szyrma motivated by humanitarian concerns played a key role in the […]Read More »
  • March 2016 News

    The photos were taken at the last Open Day ‘The Great Storms’ on Saturday February 13, 2016, when we had a record 272 people visiting the exhibition. The photo on the left suggests we have an appeal to the very young. One wonders what important notes little Nuala is making and whether coming to the […]Read More »
  • Archive Open Day

    The picture above shows high tide at Newlyn Harbour’s North Pier, October 27 2004. Courtesy of Roger Clemence. The first Newlyn Archive Open Day of 2016 on Saturday February 13, 2016 10-3.00 at Trinity Centre reminds us that there were many great storms in the past that certainly equalled the recent one of 2015. Here […]Read More »
  • November News 2015

    The amazing picture of St Mary’s Church photographed by Vaughan T Paul after the thunderstorm of 4/8/1899 shows work in progress to replace over 100 small panes of glass in the five southern windows which were broken. The Great Storms is the title of the first Newlyn Archive Open Day in 2016 which will be held at […]Read More »
  • Review of the Artists Houses Open Day

    The last Newlyn Archive Open Day of 2015, the two-day event ‘Where the artists lived in Newlyn and Lamorna’, was a great success. It was open on Friday 2/10/2015 from 2pm-7pm at Trinity Centre when there were 105 visitors. Visitors included pupils from Newlyn School shown in the picture above. They did a quiz organised […]Read More »
  • Where the Artists Lived in Newlyn and Lamorna

    The ink and watercolour sketch of fisherman William Henry Tonkin by an unknown artist shows him sitting on the window seat at his cottage at Gwavas Terrace reading a paper. He looks very comfortable. The Tonkins cottage would have had a good fire and William would have had his bit of ‘bacca’ each week and […]Read More »
  • Open Day & Community Award July 2015

    The photograph shows Margaret Follows, Sue Hampshire (Chair of CAHG), Anne Forrest and Julia Nash (Friend of the Archive) on the occasion of the presentation of the award for Inspiration to the Newlyn Archive at the Community Archive & Heritage Group Conference at University College London on July 15 2015. The Newlyn Archive Open Day […]Read More »
  • When the Quarry Guns Sounded

    We have called the next Newlyn Archive Open Day on Saturday 18 July 2015, 10am-3.00pm in the Main Hall, Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, ‘When the Quarry Guns Sounded’. Local people remember the ‘Quarry Guns’ at I2 noon and 4.30pm signalling that blasting was about to begin at Penlee Quarry. The people on Skilly beach made […]Read More »
  • Updating the Archive, June 2015

    Above: J Irving Thomas was one of the early conductors who led the choir to many county honours until his retirement in 1956 when he was presented with an FM radio, then a very new product. Front row: Mrs Thomas, J Irving Thomas, Leonard Hall, John White, Second row: Gordon Richards, Clarence Wallis, Andy Gendall, […]Read More »
  • Review of Open Day, 11/4/2015

    We were delighted to see the 127 people at the Open Day on ‘Farming, a Forgotten Trade’ on Saturday 11 April. There were many new faces and it is good to know that the message about the subject of the open days is reaching such a wide audience. Two visitors from outside the area were […]Read More »
  • Farming, the Forgotten Trade

    The next Newlyn Archive Open Day ‘Farming, the Forgotten Trade’ is on Saturday April 11 2015 at Trinity Centre from 10.00-3.00. The display boards tell the story of farming at Newlyn. It is difficult to imagine that farming was once as important as fishing. In long past days, cattle made their way from Farmer’s Meadow, […]Read More »
  • Review of Open Day held on 7/2/2015

    Above: Friends of the archive Diane Donohue and Douglas Williams having a chat at the last Open Day. Diane is helping people find out about their family history. Douglas has donated a large number of taped interviews to the archive which are being copied from tape to new format MP3s and we have a number […]Read More »
  • Archive Open Day

    This is the earliest photograph of a wedding in the Newlyn Archive. It shows Joseph Carter and Harriet Badcock on their wedding day in 1871. Harriet’s mother was one of the three sisters whose husbands, brother and cousin had formed the major part of the crew that sailed the PE 322 Mystery to Australia in […]Read More »
  • Happy New Year 2015

    (above) Fundraising group, 5/11/1953. The Smugglers Loft Club raised money for British Empire Cancer Fund by organising a massive November 5 Bonfire with a 12ft Smuggler Guy. The people in the photo include Douglas Williams, Gerald Ninnis, Annette Wilyer, Vaughan Pender, Horton Bolitho, Ken Walker, John Peake, Barbara Jewell, Phyllis Peters, and Graham Paul (Douglas […]Read More »
  • When the Lights Went Out: Wartime Newlyn November 2014

    The last Open Day of 2014 was a huge success with 169 visitors enjoying the exhibition of wartime photographs and memorabilia from Newlyn Archive. The main display focussed on the two great wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 with many Newlyn families represented in both conflicts. Amongst these was the Harvey family represented by five generations […]Read More »
  • ‘When the Lights went Out’

    The photo was taken by George Stevenson Curnow (b1887) and shows naval personnel enjoying a tug of war on Newlyn Green during a respite from combat duties. This is one of many fascinating pictures on display at the next Newlyn Archive Open Day on Saturday November 8 2014 from 9.30-3.00 at Trinity Centre Newlyn. The […]Read More »
  • Review of Open Day 2-3 October 2014

    Margaret Follows has managed a project with children from Newlyn School on the theme of Newlyn at Play. This resulted in an outing to Wheal Betsy in June when the children learned about the painter TC Gotch and his treatment of Chinese Lanterns, and a visit to the recent Open Day at Trinity Centre where […]Read More »
  • When Newlyners Walked To Lamorna Cove

    Above: Alan Shears and four friends on the Good Friday walk to Lamorna in 1954 The next Newlyn Archive Open Day is a two-day event on Friday and Saturday 3-4 October 2014 at Trinity Centre, Newlyn. There are extended opening times on Friday when the exhibition is open 10.00 am-7.00 pm. On Saturday it is […]Read More »
  • Leisure

    Carnivals became a regular feature of Newlyn life after the Perkin Warbeck Pageant of 1906, which was part of a wider set of seaside pageants and involved most members of the community from the fish dealers and fishermen, to the artist community and other residents of Newlyn. ‘Newlyn Pirates’ was one of the carnival floats […]Read More »
  • Belonging to be, July 2014

    Above: Diane Donohue and Denny Harvey were available to assist those who wished to explore their own family histories and were able to offer valuable advice and encouragement which was much appreciated. Review by Andrew Gordon On Saturday July 19 2014, The Newlyn Archive held another of its popular Open Days at Trinity Centre. The […]Read More »
  • Belonging to be…

    Above: The workers in the photo belonged to be at Penlee Quarry in the 1960s. They are Al Cadman, Sam Munkley, Bob Symons, Jack Harvey, David ‘Mullane’ Botto, Peter Davey and an unnamed young man. (Photo courtesy Adrian Nicholas). You belong to be at Trinity Centre for the Newlyn Archive Open Day on Saturday July […]Read More »
  • Events in June 2014

    Thomas Cooper Gotch, A Night in June, 1910. Gotch described this painting as ‘a nightpiece, a lawn with dining table lit by shaded candles, two figures at a table, other figures on a further plane drinking coffee, Japanese lanterns.’ In fact the painting was done on the main lawn at Wheal Betsy, not long after […]Read More »
  • Archive Update

    It is only five months into 2014 but the Archive can celebrate achieving our funding target for the project which we have called ‘When Newlyners walked to Lamorna’. The photo was taken last Friday (May 23 2014) in the Mount’s Bay Room at Trinity when a cheque for £500 was handed over to chairman David […]Read More »
  • The Archive in May 2014

    Belonging to Be is the title of the next Newlyn Archive Open Day on July 19 2014. Belonging to Be is about the places where we belong and the people that inhabit them.Read More »
  • Review of ‘Newlyn and the Sea’

    One of the delights of Newlyn Archive exhibitions is the willingness of visitors to contribute their own treasured memories and valuable information to the rich variety of displays. This happened at the latest two-day event, Newlyn and the Sea, held on Friday and Saturday 11-12 April 2014 at Trinity Centre in Newlyn. Poignant and evocative […]Read More »
  • Newlyn and the Sea

    The next Open Day NEWLYN and the SEA on Friday & Saturday April 11-12 2014, 10.00-3.00 at Trinity Centre Newlyn is a two-day event so we hope everyone can get there. The exhibition of old photos and historical memorabilia deals with the many facets of Newlyn’s relationship with the sea. We have done a lot […]Read More »
  • Reviews and News

    Linda Holmes photo of the shore off Newlyn Green (above) shows what looks like a remnant of a petrified tree exposed by the storms of February 2014. James T Blight, writing in 1876, described a forest that may have extended along the coast to St Michael’s Mount, which was ‘a hoare rock in a wood’ and […]Read More »
  • Those that Got Away: the Story of Newlyn’s Migrants

    The next open Day on Saturday 15 February 2014 10.00-3.00 tells the story of Newlyn’s migrants. Some men left to make their fortune and did not get back, leaving behind grieving women and children; others were more successful and were joined by their families to make a better life in the new world; some returned […]Read More »
  • Another Successful Open Day

    The Photograph shows Jean Lodge with new member Bob Mason and archivist Pam Lomax looking at some of the duplicate archive material being offered to Friends in exchange for a donation. The Open Day ‘Newlyn Art Industries’ attracted 152 people and was a huge success. Apart from the usual informative display of text and photographs […]Read More »
  • Newlyn Art Industries Open Day

    In 1891, the Cornish Telegraph named Barret (sic) and Pezzack as the main teachers of the Industrial Class, assisted by Mackenzie, Bramley, Gotch and Craft, who all taught the classes in the first four months of 1891. Norman Garstin, writing in the Studio in 1896, some six years after they had started, identified a school […]Read More »
  • New Material for Archive

    Cynthia ‘Mary’ Llewellyn (1936-2013) had been living in Australia for 55 years when she made contact with the Newlyn Archive in 2012. She attended Tolcarne School and was able to contribute to the book Newlyn at School. We began to correspond. She said that she would send us the family bible which is particularly interesting […]Read More »
  • Event at the Acorn

    It might not have been quite the standard of the NADS (Newlyn Artists Dramatic Society) but the team of Friends from the Newlyn Archive who entertained an audience of 24 people at the Acorn Theatre from 3.00-4.00 pm on Wednesday July 17 2013 as part of the Penzance Literary Festival got as much enjoyment from […]Read More »
  • Review of Fishing Out of Newlyn

    Newlyn’s fishing industry has always responded vigorously to changing economic, political and demographic demands. The first two-day Newlyn Archive exhibition on July 5-6 2013, gave visitors an opportunity to enjoy a display of the industry’s proud past. As ever, the collection of material provoked animated discussion. Photographs of individual boats were set alongside those of […]Read More »
  • Open Day, Fishing out of Newlyn

    The next Newlyn Archive Open Day is on Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6, 9.30-3.30 at Trinity Centre Newlyn. Unusually, this is a two-day event, and the focus is a key area of Newlyn History, Fishing out of Newlyn. Way back in the 1960s, when Newlyn Archivist Pam Lomax was a student at London […]Read More »
  • MAY 2013 NEWS

    Church, Chapel and Playtime, Saturday April 27 2013 The ‘rude’, ‘gaping’, Newlyners addressed by John Wesley in 1747 were soon silenced by what they saw and heard. By contrast their successors, present day Newlyners, responded with animated discussions and delight as they viewed the latest exhibition mounted by the Newlyn Archive. ‘Church Chapel and Playtime’ […]Read More »
  • Open Day Church, Chapel and Playtime

    The next Archive Open Day, Church, Chapel and Playtime on Saturday 27 April 2013, 10.00-3.30 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn, provides a history of the churches, chapels and other religious institutions that have existed in Newlyn from earliest times until the post-war period and describes their role in the social life of Newlyn. The […]Read More »
  • MARCH 2013 NEWS

    Our first Open Day of 2013 Painters and Posers was a great success, with 138 people enjoying the Exhibition and a great deal of good feedback. We much appreciated the contribution made by the visiting exhibitors: Penlee House with its exhibition of photos of fishwives, Alan Shears with his fine collection of costumes and other artefacts, and […]Read More »
  • Painters and Posers

    Saturday March 2, 2013 10.00-3.30 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn TR18 5AP David Tredinnick coined the term ‘posers’ for the models of the Newlyn artists, past and present. The exhibition explores the conflicting claims about the identity of some of the ‘posers’. Stories about ‘posers’ who made the headlines, such as Eileen O’Henry (who posed […]Read More »
  • Newlyn Archive News

    The recent Newlyn Archive Open Day, The Shops that Grandma Used and the Pubs where Grandpa Drank was a huge success with nearly 200 people visiting the exhibition in the five hours it was open. We also had the most successful day this year with respect to donations, with visitors giving almost £140 to the […]Read More »
  • The shops that grandma used

    The Shops that Grandma Used and the Pubs where Grandpa Drank November 17, 2012 10.00-3.00 at Trinity Centre, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn TR18 5AR Download the PDF of the event  the-shops-that-grandma-used.pdf Do you know which shops your grandma used? Are they still there today? Today’s Newlyn shops have helped to sponsor this Open Day, which is […]Read More »
  • The Newlyn Archive receives lottery fund support

    A PROJECT set up to integrate the West Cornwall Art Archive into the Newlyn Archive and make its contents available to a wider audience has received much-needed funding to support it over the coming year. The Newlyn Archive, which operates the project, has been given £3,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as well as […]Read More »

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